How did I learn English

I am often asked, « How did you end up in New York? » How did you learn to speak English so well?

Everything started about 9 years ago. I was 16 at the time and my english was horrible, my teachers even told my parents « your daughter will never speak another language ». I had always been fascinated with New York. Ever since I was a little it was a dream to live the big apple? So, I found a program where they were sending people like me to live with a host family, it was a total immersion program involving a small group of French students. I convinced my parents to send me and before I knew it I was on the plane. I stayed with this amazing family for one month. They were incredibly supportive and nice. They had 3 kids and lived in a beautiful house with a pool… My dream was coming true. I wasn’t speaking English at the time, so it took me a few days to finally be able to express myself. They took me everywhere, and I fell in love with this country, I also had the best summer of my life. In just four weeks I was able to understand and speak English. My progress was undeniable.

I came back home with a determination to learn more and to return to my new found home. The summer after that my parents agreed to send me one month to NYC, but this time it was real English classes. I was taking classes at the renowed Kaplan School for English classes. I didn’t speak French for a month. I was on my own in the plane and in the big city. This program only took care of classes and housing. My classes were every morning and I had the afternoon for myself. Once again, I had a blast. I was able to make friends from all over the world, explore this amazing city withall it has to offer and probably grow up a lot faster than most of my friends who stayed at home. I just enjoyed every moments of my freedom. Everything seemed possible at that time. This is the kind of feeling you want to have at 18.

I would recommend these experiences to any family that wants to experience new things and try out life in the big apple. It’s scary but it’s worth it.

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