Where to find furniture when you move to NYC

The second apartment I moved to had almost no furniture. We had the essentials but it wasn’t much. I had to quickly find a store where I could go shopping the same day I moved in. My knowlege of NYC let alone it’s furniture stores was limited at best. I felt silly asking people where to find pillows and silverware… As much as I love Ikea, the distance was too far. For example, from where I lived at the time in Harlem, getting to the Ikea store in Brooklyn (the only one in NYC) involved me taking the subway and the ferry. The journey would have taken well over an hour to just get there. Needless to say that it would have been difficult getting all the furniture home, traveling the same way. Look out for my next article on my experiences traveling to and shopping at my favorite store Ikea.

I was lucky to find a Bed Bath and Beyond. This place was magical, it was like I stepped into heaven. They had everything I needed and more. Discovering this place made my first year in NYC much easier.

I usually shop at the one on Broadway and 65th street. They have three floors and you can find anything from the kitchenware to the bedroom and bath. Their items range are from modest to expensive. In terms of quality I would say you get what you pay for. You can tell it’s the go to place for all students moving to NYC, because the store is usually pretty crowded at the end of august thru beginning of September.

For those of you that are moving to the city with a baby, they also have Bed Bath and Beyond Baby on 61th street and 1rs avenue.

That was just a brief post for those of you who recently moved  to the city and don’t know where to go to furnish your new apartment.

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