Laundromat experience – Become a true New Yorker

If you didn’t know it by now, washing machines and dryers (in NYC apartments) are very rare. Unfortunately the first few apartments I lived in did not have them. Which meant I had to go to the laundromat every weekend like anybody else.

A little back story ( I was only 17), the word « detergent » translates to floor cleaner in French.  I wounded up buying softener instead of laundry detergent because the packaging was cute and it smelled pretty good.

Laundromats in NYC can be very crowded and a little confusing , you might need a couple of trial runs before you get the hang of it. After a few bad experiences, I decided to wash only the clothes I didn’t really care about. These machines were not gentle at all, so I figured I didn’t have as much to lose, plus, you never know who used that machine before… If you get two machines next to each other, you are officially having a great day. I personally kept an eye on my clothes at all time. I’m saying this because you’ll see people starting their load and just leaving for a few hours… I’d rather read a book and wait.

One thing you definitely need to know about laundromats is that they usually work only with coins! No coins, no clean clothes for you! Save all your quarters because trust me you will need them.

I rarely used the dryers, just because I didn’t trust them and I was terrified that all my clothes would shrink to a children’s size… Admittedly it might just have been sort of my imagination… I used to hang my clean clothes all around the apartment, giving the place a flowery smell.

Be aware that wet clothes can be heavy, and sometimes the laundromat is a few blocks away. It is usually a pain to carry your bag… So I used to used to carry my suitcase to do my laundry.

You have to experience it at least once in your life like riding the subway or eating a bagel. That’s how you become a true New Yorker.

You can find attached a few pictures of products that I recommend.




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