Rooftop farming – Brooklyn Grange Farm

Why go to the farmers market when you can go directly to the farm? The concept of  rooftop farm is taking root all around the city. I’ve been wanting to check out one for a while. I heard about the Brooklyn Grange Farm in Long Island City (they also have another location in Brooklyn) just a few days ago. When I discovered that it was not that far from where I lived, I jumped on the bus and went to check it out with my husband.

The directions on the website were pretty clear, we had no trouble finding the « large white building » on the corner. However, I’ll say that you will need to know the neigborhood or just have a GPS. To enter the building it’s pretty easy, they have signs to indicate how to get  to the rooftop as well as a very friendly doorman. There is only one elevator that goes up there, so you might end up taking the stairs like we did.

Once you finally arrive, the first thing that you will notice is that the rooftop is huge… I think it’s around 43000sq ft. There are beautiful views of the city and they have all sorts of different types of fruits, veggies and flowers growing. They have a little stand where they sell fresh produce (cabbage, peppers, turnips, bread… to just name a few). My husband asked for their honey but they were already sold out by noon (apparently it’s very popular). There is a picnic table where you can sit, have a snack and enjoy the view. When the farm is closed, they let the chickens roam free. The manure they produce is used to fertilized the crops. The all system is designed to be self sustaining.

It was truly fun to walk around and see the differents kind of greens that were growing there. It felt so relaxing and calming. They are offering tours to educate the public about this new concept and how it helps the eco-system, it’s 10$ per person. We didn’t reserved tickets this time, because we weren’t sure which weekend we would be able to go.

Rooftop farming is a developing new trend, it’s eco friendly and let’s face it, it’s better than anything that you’ll find at the supermarket. This is a great idea, it felt so good to see butterflies and bees in the middle of the city. It felt like a little bit of heaven in the heart of the city.

I would definitely recommend checking it out, it is something that kids living in the city should experience. It will help them understand how their veggies and fruits are grown and how nature is supposed to work. I really loved this place, and I’m definitely going to check out more of these farms as the wonderful new trend continues to spread and grow.





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