Dylan’s Candy Bar

Welcome to candy land, whether you have children or just a sweet tooth this is your destination when you are visiting the city. They have candy from all around the world. It’s in fact the biggest candy store in the world. If you can’t make it, just  close your eyes and picture candy everywhere. More precisely 7000 different type. They have stores in NYC, LA, East Hampton,NY; Chicago and Miami beach. This franchise is owned by Dylan Lauren, Ralph Lauren’s daughter. The store I visited is located on 60 street and 3rd avenue (coincidentally right near where you pick up the Hampton Jitney), right by the subway stop 4,5,6,N,R and W.

They have a few different departments, there is the self serve area to be followed by the Halloween candy, thanksgiving candy, jelly beans, Harry Potter stand, color your world (which is a section with every single color that exist in the world), make your own candy and  my personal favorite the chocolate stand. You should know that you won’t only see candies (kid’s favorite) in here but, also customs pet dishes, candy flavored lip balm, cell phone cases, clothes and you can even find Dylan’s candy bar stroller and baby clothing. I mean they literally have everything! They have a Celebrity Favorite wall where you can see celebrities favorite candies. Every time I visit this store it blows my mind. It’s like Willie wonka’s daughter got a chance to open a candy store. It’s definitely one of my personal favorite. For me this is one those experiences you can only have in America. There is no place like it that I’m aware of any in the world. Only in America you could find a place so « huge » devoted to just candy.

The new amazing attraction here is the 3D gummy machine where you can create custom gummy, I personally have never tried it or even had the chance to see it. I think it’s because I was totally distracted by the chocolate section…

If you are a parent, put this place on the top of your list of destination. It is a wonder to behold. It will be a memory your children will cherish for a life time, and you will be able to eat yummy candy. 









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