Queens Food Day

During our daily dog walk last weekend, we stumbled upon the Queens Food Day at the Socrates Sculptures Park in Astoria. It is a borough wide event dedicated to promoting local restaurants, farmers and artisanal products. Ironically enought this article could be a follow up to the article from last week about this wonderful new trends in urban living.

The Queens Food Day was sponsored by the Socrates Sculpture Park in partnership with the Queens Action Coucil. This is the second year of the festival, bringing together a variety of community organizations that share with the public their knowlege and ressources on nutritional education, food affortability and accessibility, urban farming, planting, gardening as well as healthy living tips.

One of the booths that we saw were GrowNYC, which is part of the Greenmarket movement that was originally founded in 1976. The idea was to promote regional agriculture and family farms and ensure that New Yorkers had access to the freshest locally grown food. They started with one location in Union Square and have groan to well over 50 locations scattered accross the 5 boroughs.

Some of the other kiosks were Spice Tree Organic, The HellGate Farm, Allergic to salad (which I thought was an hillarious name) to just name a few. If all of that made you angry you were also able taste locally made Bengali, Asian and Trinidadian food.

Discovering the Queens Food Day was such a nice surprise, I enjoyed the atmophere and I was inspired by how the community came together for a wonderful cause. This is such a great idea, we need to better educated about respecting our environment, where our food comes from, how to produce it ourselves and how to pursue healthier lifestyles.  I feel very fortunate to be part of a community that has the innitiative to step up and take responsability for it’s own health, environment and future. These measures along with rooftop farming, recycling, composting and other initiatives are potential solutions to the future problems related to a sustainable food supply.


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