How to be part of a TV audience while visiting NYC

Working  in the entertainment industry in NYC, I get asked all the time how do you get into a live taping of a TV show.

This is going to answer your questions. First thing you should know is Tv show tickets are always free!!! Please never buy any tickets from a stranger, they are surely scams. Second, you should know that certain shows are easier to get in to than others.

Because of the schedule NYC has several live morning shows (Kelly and Ryan, Today Show, GMA…) the audience has to arrive for the show very early. There are pretaped shows (Such as Dr Oz, Match Game, The Chew…) the audience has to show up at a certain scheduled time during the day. The late night shows (like The Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon, The Late Night Show with Seth Meyers or The Chris Gethard Show to just name a few.) that usually tape late afternoon.

Some of the shows book the audience themselves so you will have to go on their website. The more established shows like Jimmy Fallon require you to register on the Which is the company that gives out most of the tickets for the TV shows in NYC. You can also check companies like On-camera-audience that sometimes book shows in NYC.

The Today show has concerts during spring and summer on the Plaza at Rockefeller center, it’s free and if you are lucky might be able to see one of your favorite performers. The schedule is on their website, be warned that you will have to get there very very early.

GMA is also shooting some segments right outside in Times Square, where you can just join the crowd and maybe have a shot to be on camera.

My advice for you is to get to the studio as early as possible because it’s always first come first serve. The audience company handling the showalways over books in case somebody doesn’t show up. Try not to be upset or disrespectful if you don’t get in, it happens, look at the bright side you didn’t pay for it. TV studio are filled with cameras, equipments, mics, light… Lots of people are moving around, it is a possibility that your seat might be partially obstructed, again try not to be upset. The people working are trying their best to give you the best seat possible in the house. Live tapings are usually on time but be aware that if you are attending a taping of a show that isn’t live, you could be sitting in the audience for a good 3 to 4 hours. It’s usually cold in the tv studio so you should always bring a sweater. Don’t be disappointed if the talent doesn’t come into the audience or aren’t as friendly as you were expecting. Usually they are promoting their new products/movie/album… and their schedules are very tight. Just try to seat, relax and enjoy your time with us because not a lot of people are able to have an experience like this.

If you do have the time to come see one of our shows taping in NYC, please do it. It’s  a great experience you won’t forget. This is one of these unique New York experiences that you can’t get anywhere. I highly recommend paying us a visit.



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