Halloween Harvest Festival @t Socrates Sculpture park

When you are an expatriate, it is important to get involved in your community. I have leaned from my personal experiences that staying busy and involved in your adopted home is the best antidote to home sickness. One of the great things about Astoria is all the wonderful oportunities it gives you to do just that. There are all sorts of very cultural, artistic and community oriented activities to meet everyone interest.   

Every year, Socrates Sculpture Park organizes a Halloween Harvest Festival to close the season before the winter comes. It’s a huge event with hundreds of people and of course puppies. This year’s theme was “Dia de Los Muertos” with a procession and dance performance presented by Ballet Folklorico Mexicano de Nueva York, they were accompanied by music from Academia De Mariachi Nuevo Amanecer.

It was an exciting event for kids, they had a face painting booth by Agostino Arts and costume and art making by the Socrates artists.

The reason why we always go to this event is because the park organizes it every year along with the Canine Costume Contest. This year the judges were coming from Chateau le Woof, Friends with four paws Rescue and Rapawzel Dog grooming and day care. I love seeing how creative pet owners get with their pooches… Our little monster Willie hates costumes so usually go as spectators.

This is such a great event if you have kids and live in the neighborhood or if you just want to experience a traditional halloween harvest festival. The crowd is friendly and everybody always looks like they are having a great time in this disconected digital age. I really appreciate what this community has to offer us every months. If you are not familiar with the Astoria community, you should come by and check it out.


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