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BOOooooo! New Yorkers take Halloween very seriously, this is one of my favorite of the year in the big apple. The air is crisp but not too cold, the colors in Central Park are beautiful and above all there is an amazing Halloween decoration to be seen in almost every single streets.

I happened to spend a lot of time on the Upper East and West Side of Manhattan, but unfortunately I never stopped to take the time to admire the creativity of New Yorkers. So Today I decided it was going to be the day where I took the time to walk up and down the streets and basically allow myself to get lost on all of the decorations.  You have your choices wherther it’s witches, goblins, zombies, giant spiders… there is something for everyone. Some streets have more scary houses than others but it seems on all of these streets the neighbors go out of their way to compete and out do each other.

Wether it’s the east or west side, You will find multiple town houses decorated from the steps to the windows. It’s was a difficult decision, the competition was fierce. Even though I had a hard time making my mind,  here is my top 10 of the best 2018 Halloween decorations!

I would also invite you to watch our first episode, which will show you in more detail what you can see in these two wonderful neighborhoods.


I hope you will not be too scared!

10-  Love these heads, not too scary 


9- Upper West side! IMG-4217IMG-4215

8- Upper East Side, I like all the different faces. A little too scary for young kidsIMG-4781IMG-4780IMG-4778

7- Upper East side – Love the simplicity of these houseIMG-4767

6- The headless Horseman in the Upper East SideIMG-4775

5- Treat or Trick on the West sideIMG-4176

4- Love this classy Halloween decorationIMG-5047

3- This house on the East side (72nd street) is INSANE!! 


2- This house/Street on the East side (67th street) is very creepy but worth checking out


1- MY FAVORITE! The front of the Frick Collection on the Upper East side! I think it’s so classy, not scary! Just love it


Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Normally, I’m not a person who is drowned to events with crowds. But three years ago, I was giving an opportunity to full fill a life long dream and see the Thanksgiving Day Parade.  The opportunity was all about the location, because it is a very important aspect of the experience of viewing the parade. We were invited to a building on Broadway and 60th street, which for me and my roommate at the time felt like winning the lottery. It was the perfect spot to experience our very first parade.

If you are a fan of American Tv Show and movies like myself, you might have a picture in your mind of what the parade would be like. Every year, the world famous department store  Macy’s organized the world’s largest parade. This tradition started in 1924, one of my favorite aspect of the tradition is that they give the employees the choice to march alongside in the parade. They all march together down to their flagship store on 34th street with the final part of the tradition having Santa Clause close out the parade and welcoming in the Holiday season.

The other part of the tradition that makes the parade so famous are the beautiful gigantic balloons and displays. Some of these balloons can be as long as a football field and high as 3 stories. To give you an idea of how huge these balloons are, they need 90 people to handle each balloon.

I should add one of the other fun things to do is you should go uptown to the museum of Natural History and watch them blowing the balloons the day before the parade. Kids are always amazed and this is something that they will forever remember. This is a great opportunity to create a family tradition like thousand of New Yorker.

I think this is such a unique event, I’ve never seen that before. I’m adding a picture of this year route so you can have an idea of where to go if you decide to join the fun next year. As I mentioned in the opening paragraph your location is very important. The crowds can get very large and the weather can be cold so dress warmly and bring snacks. The reason I was so lucky is that got the chance to watch it indoors from a building. It was warm, there was food and we had a great view point. It felt like we won the lottery. Not everybody will get the opportunity to see the parade that way but it is still a lot of fun.

To give you an idea of how popular this parade is, there are over 44 million people watching it every year on television. Since 2013 it has been broadcast simultaneously in Spanish and had won 9 Emmy Award for outstanding achievements in special event coverage since 1979.

As a lot of you know, Thanksgiving is a very big holiday in the USA. If you live here, you can’t miss, especially if like me you are married to an American. This is part of their traditions. We usually spend Thanksgiving cooking but if you have kids or if you are visiting NYC during this time of the year, the parade is something you definitely can’t miss if you want to discover their culture. This is something that they are so proud of. It is a fun day in the city before the craziness of Black Friday.

Have you ever been to the parade? If so What was your favorite balloon and memory of it?